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We believe that Christians are called to make a stand against global poverty and injustice. Remembering the poor in all that we do is central to what it means to be the church. We campaign against global injiustice in a number of different ways: our church has agreed to use only Fairtrade tea and coffee; we take part in Tearfund's Carbon Fast in Lent and, in October we are joiing in with the Micah Challenge "What's Your Promise?" campaign,


Black Lives Matter is another concern of this church.Christ Church PCC stated they had made a start in June to look at the implications of this movement for our Church. There has been further PCC discussion and the whole Church membership is now engaging in these discussions and the initial educational resources and learning is available to them. We have continued to discuss this subject at each committee meeting to check that all our actions are not affecting people who identify as BAME adversely. On 22nd November we focussed our virtual Sunday Service on Black Lives Matter and heard powerful testimony from some of our church members. As part of our education we will focus on Black History, the reason for which is very eloquently put in this TED talk you may be interested in https://youtu.be/zUDA5NLnGYY

We have a collection of books which are being loaned out to members of the church. If you are interested in using this resource please phone our office on 0114 236 3335.