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Every year, Wilson Carlyle College in Sheffield trains a number of men and women, varying in age and background, to be Evangelists—those with particular gifts of proclaiming the Gospel in many different spheres of life. When they are commissioned (not ordained), some may be employed by a Diocese to train others for evangelistic outreach, or in Youth work, Community Development work and sometimes in place of an ordained curate in a parish to undertake the particular work of outreach in that place. Others are employed on a short term basis by Church Army for particular areas of work such as Night Clubs, drug users, the homeless and the elderly.

We at Christchurch support the work of Captain Alan Park, who works as an Evangelist with homeless people in and around Chesterfield. With the support of his local church and a small team of dedicated staff, Alan has been using a bus, equipped for the job, to take food and clothing to those in need and, with his special gift of getting alongside those in trouble, those whose lives are in a mess, he has brought to them the Gospel of forgiveness and hope. An average of twenty men and women in need come to the bus on any evening when it is operating and Alan, himself coming from a back ground similar to many of them, has been able to minister effectively to those who so often remain out of reach of the traditional church.

As from early 2009 the work of "Church on the Bus" has expanded to take in other towns beyond Chesterfield with a new bus donated and in operation. The bus is provided for by local churches and Alan is supported by Church Army.

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