Welcome to the website of Christ Church, Dore. 

Christ Church is the Anglican (Church of England) parish church in Dore, within the Diocese of Sheffield.  We seek to be a community of worshippers who want to be more like Jesus, and lead more people to meet Jesus, of all ages and backgrounds

View from the Lych Gate

Christ Church Dore invites everyone;
To be an agent of the Christian gospel in the wider community
To be a member of a family of God's people, to meet and provide mutual help and support, and
To worship and learning that renews and refreshes our relationship with God



Lent Boxes 2014, how to use in 3 easy steps:

1. Pick one up from the back of church
2. Put money in it
3. Bring it back on Easter Sunday
Simples! Part 2 suggestions
 - half of your pocket money;
10% of your shopping bill;
walk rather than drive and put your fuel cost savings in the box;
give up TV for Lent & put one month of TV License in the box....

Other ideas...?


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