Please note that the Annual Church meeting will be held on a virtual platform Tuesday October 20th 2020 at 8pm. Details for registration will follow.
PCC Secretary

Knitting red hearts for Christmas

posted 14 Sep 2020, 01:44 by Anita Campbell

Christ Church is recruiting people to knit small red hearts for a Christmas project to reach out to our community. Are you interested?
They are needed by 1st December and can be dropped off at the Parish Office. You can see a picture of them on the file attached below. The pattern to use can be found here:

Small Sunday service

posted 27 Aug 2020, 12:49 by Anita Campbell   [ updated 12 Sep 2020, 04:38 ]

From Sunday 13th September 2020, Christ Church Dore will begin to hold small Sunday services at 5.30pm.  These will alternate between Communion and Evening Prayer.  To be inclusive, one Evening Prayer a month will be Book of Common Prayer and one in Common Worship.

Due to the social distancing constraints from Covid-19, under the government and Church of England guidance, we are limited to 20 people in our church building at these services (including the priest).  

At communion, the celebrant will prepare, bless and consume both bread and wine themselves, but they will only share bread with the congregation.

There will be no music or singing.

 We are introducing a booking system for these services, and admission will only be allowed on a pre-booked basis.  Your name(s) will be added to a list, which will be given to the service steward.

Bookings will open 2 weeks before each service, via a telephone call to the parish office.  (Telephone number 0114 2363335).  The office is available Monday-Wednesday, 9am-3pm.  (For the first service this will be 1stSeptember due to the bank holiday.)  

Once all spaces for a particular service have been allocated, you may be asked if you want to be put on the list for the following week.

The services are available to members of all our congregations, and to any members of the public who wish to attend.  To give everyone the opportunity, within the limited numbers we have available, it may not be possible that you can attend each week.  

We require you to comply with social distancing guidelines, wear face coverings at all times, and use the sanitiser gel provided. We also request you provide contact details on a consent sheet to enable NHS Test and Trace to perform their work to control the virus from spreading.   Not all pews will be available, to comply with social distancing requirements.  You will be shown to an available seat by the service steward, who will have the list of the attendee for each service.


It is important that we work together to maintain this safe environment for all who wish to spend time in the sacred space of our church building. Therefore it is important that if you develop symptoms of COVID-19 after attending one of our church services you inform the Parish Office 0114 236 3335 and leave a message so that we may contact any others who may have come in contact with you.

Church re-opens for private prayer and reflection

posted 13 Aug 2020, 02:56 by Anita Campbell   [ updated 12 Sep 2020, 04:40 ]

From Thursday 27th August 2020, Christ Church Dore church building will be opening for a limited period each week for silent private prayer and reflection.  This will be between 12noon and 4pm, each Thursday.

There will be stewards, and there will be designated pews available for you to sit.  There will be a restriction on how many people can be in church at any one time.

We have worked hard to ensure that we follow the government and Church of England guidelines to provide a safe and healthy building.  

We require you to comply with social distancing guidelines, wear face coverings at all times, and use the sanitiser gel provided. We also request you provide contact details on a consent sheet to enable NHS Test and Trace to perform their work to control the virus from spreading.  It is important that we work together to maintain this safe environment for all who wish to spend time in prayer in the sacred space of our church building. If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 after visiting our building please leave a message on the Parish Office telephone answerphone 0114 236 3335


Alison Saxton and Richard Knights, Churchwardens

13th August 2020

Church Hall

posted 21 Apr 2019, 08:42 by Anita Campbell

The Parish Church Council (PCC) met on 12th February to review comments, questions and suggestions which were received, both verbally and in written form, at the recent open meeting. They are very grateful for the level of interest in the future of the hall.
The PCC reiterates that they wish to retain the hall for community use. 
A working group has been formed which will further evaluate different models of maintaining and developing the hall, and will report back to the PCC by the end of March. Following that we will communicate again, both with those individuals and groups who have expressed interest in the running of the hall, and with the community as a whole. 16th February 2019

Building Project

posted 2 Mar 2014, 07:17 by Vicar Dore   [ updated 16 Feb 2019, 05:58 by Andy CCDore ]

Building Project at Christ Church Dore

In February this year, the PCC and I announced that a development project was to go ahead.  Since then there has been necessary preparation and further planning behind the scenes. PCC took the view that we should explain the decision taken and the process we intend to adopt over the next few months.


Having spread the ideas net widely, and over many years of discussions, through 2012 and 2013, members of the church family looked at details of 2 plans: ‘option 4a’ and simple refurbishment. When the Building Development Group met in December 2013 it was clear that neither option really addressed the current legal requirements of public buildings, (Disability Discrimination Act 1995, Equalities Act 2010) and the Church of England Guidelines written in response to these Acts. Taking account of these, a discussion took place which led to a modification of our original ‘4a’ plan. The Group also referred to feedback from the church family about the options and our Purposes Statement. At the conclusion of this meeting there was a feeling that in addition to complying with current Law, the modified proposal would reflect our theology of equality and human value and give us greater flexibility of space. The PCC, with a clear majority, agreed with the Building Development Group at a prayerful meeting of 6th February 2014, and formally voted through a Development Plan which will be taken ahead to the Diocesan Advisory Committee. 


In brief summary the PCC approved Plan is a modification of ‘4a,’: there is no balcony, the nave floor will be on one level, all of the furniture will be replaced with flexible seating, the entrance will be lighter and more welcoming, the meeting room and toilets will be improved.  Sound, light and heating will all be enhanced.  The Plan keeps the digital organ we have bought, releasing the pipe organ for possible use by another church. The detail of this will be seen in church once the full drawings, and the walk-through computer presentation, have been produced by our architect.


PCC are forming four subgroups of the new Building Development Group:

  • Building design group led by Richard Knights
  • Fundraising led by Paul Archer
  • Communication and publicity led by Anita Campbell
  • Green issues/use of renewable energy options led by Jackie Butcher


If you have an interest or specific expertise in any of these areas, the convenor of that group would like to hear from you.


The PCC and I are very pleased and excited by the opportunity to develop the building in response to the needs of our church family and our community, and future generations, in a way that is inclusive of all God’s people.



Katie Tupling, Vicar

31 March 2014


New Parish Office

posted 3 Feb 2014, 13:14 by Vicar Dore

Sarah cutting the ribbon on the new Parish Office

On Sunday 2nd February we officially opened the new Parish Office on Townhead Road, a purpose built space for Sarah, our Administrator,  to work in.  Bubbly (well, Schloer! ), chocolates and sunshine added to the occasion as Sarah cut the ribbon, and we got a 'guided tour' of the Office.  Big thanks to Sarah for surviving the winter in the portacabin,  and Peter B who project managed the build. 

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