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Mothers' Union

It is open to all men and women who are baptised in the Christian Faith and supportive of its aims and objectives concerned with Christian family values.
There are 3.7 million members in 78 countries working towards improving family life in th eir communities. The Mothers' Union is a gl obal voice that has the power to influence world leaders and witness changes that can improve family welfare and alleviate poverty.
There has been a branch of this Worldwide organisation for many years in Christ Church.
Its members are deeply committed to the life o f the Church and this community, giving pastoral care to young families, the elderly, the very young and those in need.
Members are involved practically and also help to raise money for many challenging projects at home and abroad. These include help with toddler groups, literacy and parenting, Away From It All holidays, prison crèches, women's' refuges.
Meetings are arranged to bring a variety of interesting and stimulating ideas and to encourage and support its members.
Belief in the power of prayer is central to this organisation and its members.

Membership of the Mothers' Union can be Diocesan, Deanery, Branch, Indoor Members or Friends. All of these forms of membership follow the same enrolment service and all members give the same annual donation to our organisation.

Diocesan and Deanery Members are not linked to a specific branch but are invited to attend all Deanery and Diocesan events.

Indoor Members are usually unable to attend branch meetings through illness, disability or work. Diocesan and Indoor Members receive regular letters and cards from our Diocesan and Indoor Members representatives. Deanery members are kept informed of events by the Deanery Leader.

Friends of Mothers' Union do not usually attend any meetings and are not associated with a specific branch, but they fully support our Aims and Objectives and are happy to give their annual donation for our work.