Redevelopment Plans

Redevelopment Plans

You will see the drawings of the plans for our Church Building further down this page. The reason for this is that we believe we are coming to the end of a journey which has lasted 18 years.

This is an opportunity for you to see these plans and imagine how some of our mission action plan can be enabled through them. Building Development Group, the PCC and the Diocesan Advisory Committee agree this is the best way forward for our Church.

Thank you to all the church members who have contributed to our consultation which ended on November 17th 2019. This will be used in the submission to the Diocesan Advisory Committee and the Building Development Group have provided Church members with a report of the anonymised comments and the group's answers/comments in the book placed at the back of church containing the plans. In 2021 we have submitted our plans to Sheffield City Council Planning Department and your comments on their portal have shown the positive strength of feeling about the vision for our church.

Previous consultations over many months have led to adaptation of the earlier plans which were much more radical, having a greater impact on the historic fabric. This is a more conservative approach which will also be less expensive. However, this still allows us to adapt the interior of the Church for many different uses, to enhance the heating and lighting, making it more energy efficient and keeping many of the beautiful features bequeathed to us by our Victorian and Edwardian forefathers.

There will be a new entrance through the west wall of the tower and this area will be transformed to be light and airy, with a view straight to the altar. This will be more welcoming and we will use the existing space more effectively by providing two toilets to the left and a meeting room to the right as you walk through. A kitchen servery will be to the right as you walk into the nave. The loss of seating from the addition of a kitchen will be compensated for by having more space in the chancel, to the right hand side where the pipe organ is now.

What is different in this version of the reordering plans from the last in March 2019?

Over the past year there has been a dialogue between PCC and the Diocesan Advisory Committee to adjust our plans. The PCC has accepted that a more modest scheme is appropriate to our present circumstances. This is seen as Phase 1 of a larger scheme and Phase 2 may happen in the future.

We would like to draw your attention to areas where the plans have changed:

  • The Chancel will not be extended

  • As the St John the Baptist window is now on the north side of the nave it made sense the baptistry and the music group have changed sides in the nave.

  • The Decalogue Plaque (ten commandments) becomes a more prominent feature in the Chancel.

  • Because there is less space for seating in the Chancel the side chapel has been taken out from these plans.

South elevation
West elevation
Floor plan
view of chancel from nave
East end looking north
East end looking south
chancel looking west
chancel looking east
view from nave looking at 2 arches and John the Baptist window
new west entrance to church
view through main arch from chancel looking west
arial view of nave looking west
view of west end from churchyard