Home Groups

These groups are important for us to share fellowship with each other and get to know each other better. The groups also aim to provide a relaxed and informal setting in which to study the Bible, pray together and grow in our Christian faith.

If you wish to join a Housegroup details of there contact/convenor can be found through the office or speak to a Church Warden.

Wednesday morning ladies fellowship group, meeting weekly at 10.15am. On occasional Wednesdays a month we meet in church, once for a prayer meeting and once for a meditative meeting based on Julian meetings. On the other weeks we gather in our houses for coffee, reflection, chat and prayer which support us all. By agreement we will follow the York Courses, or other courses for some of the year. We are all female, 8 in number and age ranges 50-91.

Men's Group, meeting weekly on Monday evenings. On two Mondays each month we meet at Church Lane at 20.30 for prayer. Recent series have included a Tom Wright book on the Kindgom of Heaven, a series on poetry related to Chrismas and studying “Gagging Jesus” which looks at what Christ said about various day-to-day issues. One Monday each month we meet in Church at 20.00 for prayer (all in the church welcome) followed by the pub quiz at the Hare and Hounds. On the first Monday of each month we help out at Grace Food Bank. All who are keen to explore, discuss, challenge, pray, help or are just good at pub quizzes are welcome.

'Meadway/Dobcroft' home group, meeting alternate Wednesday evenings. We start with food to allow for those who come straight from work then spend time in fellowship and support before a period of either study, discussion, meditation and/or prayer.

'22 Burlington Road' homegroup. We have been meeting for about 20 years for friendship and bible study. Our studies range from various publications known as The York Courses, using tapes and DVDs with published discussion material to specific topics which we thought would be interesting to consider more closely, for example The Beatitudes and meditations for Lent. The group is currently 9 in number and aged 50's-90s. We meet fortnightly on Wednesdays at 7.30pm to share our faith and understanding. The majority of our group live alone and are of mature years, so welcome and value this opportunity to meet together as Christians.

Serendipity is a ladies' group which is essentially a bridge between the community and the church with an aim to deepen friendships as we invite people in and in different ways introduce them to a living faith in Jesus. The original excuse for meeting still stands as strongly as it did 25 years ago when it was founded. This is to help and encourage each other showing the relevance of Christ in daily family life. The group consists of mostly mums of all ages and meets every Wednesday evening in term time from 8.30pm to 10pm in different members homes, mostly in Dore. We keep to a termly programme and weekly e-mail update of what we are up to which includes a wide variety of things from guest speakers, craft nights, prayer meetings, Godly play, themed Bible studies and discussions including practical aspects of daily Christian living and family life. We have occasional walks and coffee meet ups in the day. We can be anything from 7 to 15 at any one meeting and we are always keen to welcome anyone whatever stage of their faith journey they are at. And yes you are welcome too!

Further information from Katy Sanders on 07948052794.

Serendipity is a ladies' group which is essentially a bridge between the community and church with an aim to deepen friendships as we invite people in and in different ways introduce them to a living faith in Jesus. The original excuse for meeting still stands as strongly as it did 25 years ago when it was founded. This is to help and encourage each If you are interested in joining a homegroup, please contact the Church Office to be put in touch with a homegroup leader: 0114 236 3335 or email

Christ Church Ladies Group

Would ususally meet in the church hall at 7.45pm on the first Tuesday of the month. For more information, please contact the Parish Office on 236 3335.


A message from David and Hazel

We hope you are all well and, if allowed, are finding opportunities to perhaps do some walking? We are fortunate and are still able to enjoy a walk most days but appreciate not everyone is in the same situation. For us an unexpected benefit of the current situation is that we have been exploring lots of the less used tracks around and across Blacka Moor, Totley Moor and Houndkirk Moor.

Looking forward, we are exploring opportunities to publicise great local walks hosted by other organisations and encourage members of Christ Church to make friends and keep fit and mobile in this way.

Watch this space.

With our love

Hazel and David

Photo of walking boots


Meets four times a year and comes together to facilitate the whole church's mission activities. Further details from Katie Casson in the Parish Office. For further information see Mission Action Plan


Did you know anyone is very welcome to just come into the church if you wish. A quiet beatuiful space for you. We are open during daylight hours 8am to 2pm on every day of the year. We just ask that you use one of our masks or bring your own when you come into the Church building.

Inside the church facing the chancel from the nave
Church yard with wild flowers in summer

Christ Church Environment Statement

During the time of pandemic and lockdown we all became more aware of the postive impact of the natural world on our wellbeing. We have an Environment Statement here and with poor planetary health and loss of biodiversity we are starting to take action. We would like our community to be involved with us on our journey. Comments and offers of help to

Environment Statement

Creation and Mission

1. The Five Marks of Mission, formulated by the Lambeth Conference in 1988, summarise the fundamental purposes of the Church. The Fifth Mark of Mission is:

To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation; to sustain and renew the life of the earth.

As a church, we affirm that the fifth mark is a mission imperative and that creation care is an integral part of our discipleship. We recognise the seriousness of the ecological crisis and commit to tackle it with vigour.

Theological Basis

2. We believe that:

a. The earth is the Lord’s and he declared it to be good

b. The creation declares the glory of God and reveals his nature

c. All things were created by Christ and for him

d. God’s Spirit renews the face of the earth

e. God has given us responsibility for caring for creation

f. Human sinfulness and exploitation have contributed to climate change and the present ecological crisis

g. All life, not just human, is precious to God

h. Care for creation is necessary to achieve justice for the poor

i. All things have been reconciled by Christ to himself

j. Creation is still going through birth pains but will share in our liberation

k. We look forward to a new humanity with a new heaven and a new earth.

Activities for the Church

3. We commit to reflecting God’s own engagement with his created world and to making the Fifth Mark of Mission real in the corporate life of our church and we will encourage individual church members to engage with these issues in their own lives, through:

a. Worshipping, giving thanks for the creation and glory to its Creator, confessing the sin that damages it and praying for the natural world and all involved in its use and care

b. Studying the scriptures, the Christian tradition and the environment, reflecting theologically and practically on them and seeking to develop appropriate attitudes and action

c. Living to set an example, as individuals and as the church, of ‘living lightly’ on God’s earth and sharing its resources fairly

d. Caring for those parts of the environment for which we are especially responsible as the church

e. Campaigning, with others, to put right damage to the environment, to avoid further possible damage and to safeguard the integrity of the natural world.

4. Specific tasks and challenges for the church and congregation will include:

a. including the creation and the natural world in teaching and prayer

b. rediscovering being content with enough and cultivating sustainable personal lifestyles as the fruit of spiritual growth

c. consider the impact of the church and its members on the environment

d. making sure that any future development of the church building considers environmental issues a priority

e. use energy and materials economically and efficiently and recycle waste

f. support others in their communities who champion the environment

g. Engaging young people in this aspect of church life

h. Review progress annually

Jackie Butcher and Anita Campbell

Agreed by PCC 2nd June 2015

Reviewed; June 2016

Revised July 2017

Reviewed July 2019, July 2020, July 2021

Spirit Café ❤️🙏

Dates for your diary in Spring/Summer 2022:

Tuesday 19th April

Tuesday 10th May

Tuesday 14th June

Tuesday 12th July

They are from 10am to 12 noon and take place in the Ark meeting room of the Community Centre. Go in through the Parish Office entrance at the left of the building and you will see an open door and welcome on your left. A time for free refreshments, reflection and prayer if you wish.