Annual Meetings

Annual Church Meetings

Tuesday 17th May 2022 at 7.30pm-9.00pm in Church

Each year we meet as a church along with members of the community who live within our parish boundary to elect churchwardens and PCC members. For the purposes of communication with you and so we can plan on the basis of accurate numbers of people who are part of our church family it is important that you are counted. Please fill in your electoral roll form before April 26th when the count is done for voting at this meeting. You can still fill in a form but will be counted on the roll when it opens again after the meeting.

As we plan for this meeting we have 4 vacancies for our Parochial Church Council (PCC); three for 3 years and one vacancy of 1 year. Churchwardens (2) are elected each year in the first part of the meeting, otherwise called the Annual Vestry Meeting.

Please see the notices below which have been posted on the church door here as of 22nd March 2022

The agenda and papers have been approved by the PCC on April 5th 2022 and they are posted here. The updated annual report with new figure for the electoral roll has been posted on 1st May.

For those not able to come to the meeting in person there will be a livestream link in the online services section of this website. You will not be able to vote, although you will see and hear about an overview of church life in 2021.

CCD AnnualReport 2021 for APCM and Audit.pdf

Annual Report 2021

The story of our year. This is the report which is submitted to the Charity Commission and has photographs to illustrate what has been happening. Thanks go to our Treasurer for compiling this.

nom-pcc-2020 (1).docx
nom-cw-2 (1).doc
APCM AGENDA 2022 doc.docx.pdf


Copy of APCM Report 2022-2-2-2.pdf

Annual Report 2021

Certified Financial Statements.pdf

Financial Statements 2021

CCD Draft AVMMinutes 2021.doc

Draft minutes Annual Vestry Meeting 2021

Draft Minutes of the Annual Parochial meeting 13 04 2021 .doc

Draft minutes of Annual Parochial Church meeting 2021