Annual Meetings

Annual Church Meetings

We meet every year as a church membership to take stock. This year we met on Tuesday 16th May 2023 and set the next meeting for 14th May 2024.

You can add yourself to the electoral roll of this church and benefit from regular updates and the right to vote for your church council and the churchwardens. The form for this can be downloaded here or obtained from the Parish Office.

The reports from committees, annual report and financial statements for 2022 are to be found here for your information. The electoral roll officer's report is now found on this page and shows a small increase in numbers. 

Please note that the first meeting of this PCC has had to be moved from 6th June, as seen on previous meeting minutes and notices to 30th May 2023.

Anita Campbell

Secretary to Christ Church Dore Parochial Church Council

2022 CCD Certified Financial statements.pdf
Combined Reports for APCM.pdf
CCD AnnualReport 2022 Audit Approved.pdf
Electoral Roll Report 2023 (1).pdf