A reflection on love from our Lay Evangelist, Jill.

Godly Play from Sunday 9th May

From Sunday 10am virtual on 9th May

Newsletter May 2021


News about Sunday 10am service

The Church Council has agreed that we will be going back into the Church building for our first face to face service on 27th June 2021. The details of this depend on further guidance from both the Government and the Diocese of Sheffield and the constraints of our building. Please keep logging on to this website for further news.

We recognise some people will still need a virtual service and we are working towards live streaming 10am services. However you may be interested in our Wednesday morning virtual on line service on Google Meet. A friendly welcome awaits you.

This is continuing and starts at 9.30am each Wednesday

Christian Aid Week May 10-16th 2021

Christian Aid depends on your contributions, more now than ever, with governments pulling back on aid and the devastating effects of covid around the developing world. Christ Church members donate each year and it is just one click here to donate.

Parish Profile for Christ Church Dore

In order to recruit a new Priest in Charge at Christ Church we have written a profile which is essentially a snapshot of life in our church in April 2021, as we are starting to come out of lockdown. It tells a story of life in our church and in Dore and shows our strengths and weaknesses. We hope you enjoy reading it.

Christ Church Dore Parish Profile_Agreed .pdf

Sheffield City Council grants planning permission for our Church development project

The Building Development Group are so happy to announce this planning permission has been granted. This is in no small part due to the contributions and comments of members of our church on the planning portal. There was much local support and the church leadership is very grateful for this.

Christ Church is on a journey and will need the redeveloped church building along with the Christ Church Dore Community Centre to provide what is needed for our community, as we live together in the post pandemic world.

News about Emma Ineson

Many of you will remember Emma who was part of our Church when she and Matt were curates here.

Unconscious bias training

Unconscious Bias Training - As part of our continuing engagement with Black Lives Matters initiatives, we would like to invite everyone to take part in this training module from the Diocese of Sheffield, on Saturday 22nd May 2021 09.30-12.30.

Gal3:28 There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus.

There is no charge, booking tickets is so that you can be sent the link to take part.
We particularly recommend it for anyone who is likely to service on PCC or in a leadership role this year.

Genesis Project

Last Christmas Christ Church members and also Dore and Totley community collected toys for the shop on the Manor Estate. In previous years, we have had a regular donations slot in May, and now that they have reopened following the last lockdown we want to help them again. They are in need of clean summer clothes, clean bed linen, towels and new Children’s toys, books (particularly pre-school) to cheer up the window display. They have not got any room for any big items e.g furniture.

If you have anything to donate, please call Sarah in the office, and she will advise where you can drop things off.

Thanks for your support at Christmas, and hopefully we can do well for them this spring.

Martin speaks about what happens after Easter...

Details of virtual services are here.

Church Wardens re-elected

Christ Church has re-elected Alison Saxton and Julia Stevens as our Church Wardens for the next year. The church is thankful for the leadership they have shown during the recent months of pandemic and look forward to building on this with them.

Welcome to our new PCC members

At our annual meeting we elected six new members of our Parochial Church Council or PCC. It is a good sign that so many people in our church are stepping forward to help develop our vision and our offering to the community of Dore and beyond.

We welcome:

  • Paul Archer

  • Jill Bush

  • Kath Crosby

  • Paula Dowson

  • Olayinka Oluwole

  • Margaret Winstanley

Christ Church Dore Community Centre

As many will already be aware Christ Church Dore recently announced significant new developments regarding the future use and management of Dore Church Hall on Townhead Road.

The building will be renamed 'CHRIST CHURCH DORE COMMUNITY CENTRE' as a reflection of the commitment that it will be used for the benefit of the church and wider local community.

The intention is to develop the building and the facilities within it into one that will serve the varied needs of the local community and ensure that they remain accessible and affordable to all.

The church cannot, and does not wish to, take forward this refurbishment project and ongoing management of the centre on its own. We welcome any offers of support from the local community, both from those able to volunteer their relevant skills and experience (including administration ,project management ,marketing, and fund raising ) but also further financial donations to enable the development of a Community Centre which we can all be proud of . If you are able to offer support in any way, then please contact the CCD Parish Office (

Newsletter April 2021

Newsletter - April 2021.pdf

Progress towards appointing a Priest in Charge

Christ Church PCC has chosen 2 Parish representatives to work with the Diocese of Sheffield and Rotherham to appoint a Priest in Charge. They are Alison and Julia, our churchwardens. They will be put forward along with our Parish Profile to the Archdeacon on 27th April. We have received excellent feedback on our part of the Parish Profile and we hope to be able to share this with you after 27th April.

Yes a massive thank you to all those members of Christ Church who pounded the streets of Dore and beyond prayer walking. Also to those of you who are at home but virtually prayer walked. You are not alone. Christians are joining together across the city with a powerful message and it does not stop here!

Martin talks about Maunday Thursday service 7.30pm on our Facebook Page. Take a look now.

All welcome on Thursday by joining link

which is our virtual service Google Meet.

Chicks and eggs safely delivered to Fairthorn, The Elms and others in our church community.

Thanks to Paula, Alyson, Joan, Rosemary, Yvone and her mother and Sarah in the Office. All were well received and brought smiles to people's faces along with good conversations. Fairthorn are having a special tea party on Thursday afternoon and the chicksand eggs will be given out then.

Crosses are appearing in gardens in Dore. Have you seen any on your walks? They are to remember Jesus who died for us.

March 28th is Palm Sunday and Christ Church members are used to having their Palm crosses ready for the service. Yvonne and Martin B are leaving them for you to pick up outside Church 10am to 11am on Saturday morning.

Arise Sheffield 2021 Blessing

  • We bless this area to see God’s kingdom come and for Jesus to be glorified. We bless your Church to be one and to be a light in this community. May your church arise and may many hearts turn to you Lord Jesus.

  • We bless every home in this area to be full of life, of health and well-being. Father, release your peace and your hope. Heal all who are sick and comfort all who mourn in this community.

  • We bless each person to have what they need, may every home be warm, dry and have food provided. May every person know they are valued and have a sense of purpose and meaningful employment.

  • We bless every family to be connected and relationally healthy. Each child to be safe, nurtured and educated. Each person living alone to be connected, cared for and supported. Bless the elderly in this area at this time.

  • We bless every business in our community to prosper. We also bless those who lead in this area and those with influence. Give them wisdom and resources to lead well. May they lead with vision, integrity and honour.

  • We bless this community to be one of peace with crime eliminated. We bless this area to be one of justice and to be totally free from racial inequality and discrimination of any kind.

  • Father thank you, that we can join with your heart to bless. We pray all these things in your name Jesus, Amen.

Re-opening of the church building

We are so pleased to announce the re-opening of the Church building each Thursday 12pm to 4pm from April 15th for Open Church (individual quiet time and prayer in Church in a socially distanced way) and evening services at 5.30pm each Sunday from April 18th. Booking services only through the office on 0114 236 3335.

A new oversight minister and priest at Christ Church

It was announced in our church service yesterday the great news that we are embarking on the recruitment process for priest in charge. It is an exciting time for Dore and prayers and support are needed from everyone. The Diocese of Sheffield is supporting us through this process. Watch this page for any news.

Sunday 14th March, the net on Church and what it signifies

The net will be up next weekend for people to give thanks to God for people who have been significant in our lives. A simple flower or message or drawing can be added to the net on 13th and 14th March. Old and young who can get out are invited to do this to make a lovely display of our love.

A Word from God for S17

Jill, our Lay Evangelist has been attending an S17 prayer meeting along with others from our church. Since Christmas we have been on a journey; we have been linked to Arise Sheffield 2021 and we are prayer walking the whole of Sheffield. Now we are linking with the churches in S17. Let Jill explain to you about the word from God.....

Annual Church Meetings

The electoral roll of Christ Church Dore is being revised in preparation for the Annual Church Meetings on 13th April. This means if you wish to add your name then your form needs to be in the Parish Office by 23rd March when the electoral roll officer will prepare a new roll.

As the meeting on 13th April will be held virtually again this year, you will need to register that you will be attending. Please ring the Parish Secretary on 0114 236 3335 or e-mail and you will be given the Zoom link or telephone number and PIN to join the meeting.

Newsletter - March 2021


Godly Play from 28th February

The Mystery of Easter

Arise Sheffield - Get walking

The time has come as we prayer walk our streets towards Easter.

Remember if you cannot get out walking, Sarah in the parish Office can help you choose a road to pray for, and she will mark it off for you on the App which is accessed through the Arise Sheffield 2021 website.

Watch on the App as all the streets in Sheffield turn gold.

Christ Church Dore - Community Centre

CCD Community Centre will be opening. Please see this attached communique which you will also find on notice boards around the village.

Christ Church Dore Community Centre -communique February 2021.docx

Building Redevelopment needs your help now

The planning application has gone to Sheffield City Council and we have realised that when it was turned down last Summer no one from the church or community had commented at all and the objections were based on a misunderstanding. We have taken out the photovoltaic cells from the roof in these plans but hope to be able to reduce our carbon footprint at a future date. The historical significance of the West Tower wall has been corrected.

So we know that at the last consultation in Jan 2020 nearly everyone just wanted to get on with the project and after 18 years we had refined the plans over many iterations. Therefore we are asking for you to register with the planning portal and write again what you had written a year ago, this time to Sheffield City Council. THIS CLOSED ON FEBRUARY 17TH. We await the decision circa 22nd March. Thank you everyone who put their well thought out opinions on the portal to ensure that the council understands the high level of local support we have.

The application has been registered and has the following reference number- 21/00320/FUL