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December  2022

The plans for the Church building in 2023

The permission is all granted and now the money has to be raised. Many wonderful people from our community have given donations which has put us in a position to apply to grant awarding bodies for larger sums. We do need to ensure that our applications reflect your needs and this is why we are asking for feedback about Christ Church over Christmas. See the link and QR code here to get you to the online survey. Thank you for your help which will help Dore, its people and help the church building continue to be used as a place of worship. For further details of the project see

What a treat delivered to the residents of Fairthorn- knitted Christmas puddings with Fairtrade chocs inside.

 The weather is getting much colder and people are finding it difficult to keep their homes warm through the day.  We welcome people to our church building. Spread the word.

Advent in Dore with Christ Church

We have had a wonderful week with the Lantern Parade pop up nativity booth on Wednesday evening, toddler group nativity on Thursday morning and then, complete with snow, on Saturday morning a group of people gathered to sing carols outside Village Greens by the Christmas tree. 

It was wonderful to bring the joyful news of Jesus birth to a new generation of children.

Next up are the two carol services on Saturday 17th December 4.30pm and 7pm featuring the Dore Community Christmas Choir. Just turn up on the night and enjoy the wonder of the music.

What does Christ Church Dore mean to you?

Back in 2009 the church consulted with church members and members of the local community about what Christ Church meant to them, and its place in their daily lives. It was called a cultural audit of Dore and is seen below.

As we come to this Christmas we are going to re-ask the same questions to see how the village and the church has changed. Do you want the church to carry on in the centre of the village and thrive into the future? We are going to be asking grant awarding bodies for large sums of money to invest for our future soon after Christmas. They will want to know what you think, and why having this building is important to you and your family. 

We will be approaching you soon with a short questionnaire and we would love to hear your thoughts.

Diagram of cultural audit 2009

Final of Cultural Audit Diagram DORE.pdf

November  2022


What a wonderful idea to spread the Christian message. Get your Advent Calendars from Church on 20th and 27th November after 10am service. Bring your cards or cash as they are £4.50.

Christmas and Advent Services CCD 2022 (1).pdf

Preview of the Christmas card to go to all households in the parish. We look forward to seeing you at one of these services or concerts.

Remembrance Day 2022-2.pdf

Please place a poppy, cross or message in our net on the side of church for your individual act of remembrance, and for collective remembrance join everyone at 10.45am on Sunday 13th November, at the war memorial.


October 2022

Photo of manager of shop showing our donations of Christmas gifts for children

Lisa the Manager of Genesis Shop showing Christmas gifts donated last November

Genesis Shop 

Each May and November we collect for the not for profit shop on Cary Road, Manor Estate. This is a photo of Lisa, the manager, with some of our donations last November. Many people who live on the Manor Estate are struggling with the rising costs to feed and clothe their families. We would like you to donate new and good quality children's toys, for the shop to sell on, at low prices. Drop off at Joan Giles garage, if you know it, and ring the Parish Office 0114  2363335, for her address, if you don't. Collections will be delivered throughout November, and last one will be Wednesday 30th November.

Thank you for your generosity.

Joining in with God's Story - 5 Jesus.pdf

Filling Station reminder Saturday 22nd October 

A great opportunity to meet with other Christians from the area and beyond. Some of you will have heard Simon Copley, the minister at Dore and Totley URC speak before. A Filling Station not to miss.


Next Rake and Cake

The churchyard needs tidying and we make an event of it. It is weather dependent but now is scheduled for 10am to 1pm 15th October after the grass has been cut. 

September 2022

Spirit Café ❤️🙏

Starts again this week. Dates for your diary found here


Bishops' statements on the death of her late majesty Queen Elizabeth 8th September 2022

Members of Christ Church Dore were saddened to hear the news this afternoon and invite you to read our bishop's statements.

If you would like to sign a book of condolences the link is here:


Church Building Redevelopment gets approval

Twenty years of planning and the decision of the Chancellor of the Diocese of Sheffield and Rotherham has been received. The PCC is grateful that the waiting is over, and now the members of the church and community can save our beautiful church building and enhance it for future generations.

Friday Art Club

Some of the beautiful things made by our monthly Friday Art Club. All levels of ability are welcome. Contact Yvonne on:

August 2022

aug22JH (2).pdf

July 2022

Plenty to celebrate today. Thanks to the hard work of Rowan Shergold, eco-project worker, members of Local Mission Group and Fabric Committee, we have been awarded the A Rocha Eco Church Silver award.

Autumn events to look forward to.........

As we come through record breaking high temperatures this Summer it seems strange to be looking forward to Autumn. However there is always something going on in Christ Church, whatever the season. 

We are planning a Dore's Got Talent event on a Saturday afternoon/evening 15th October. A chance to share some food and watch people of all ages give a short performance according to their talents. We hope our highly acclaimed local celebrity and Lay Evangelist, Jill Mitchell, will be on hand to be our compere.

Also in late September or early October there will be another Rake and Bake event for our community in the Churchyard. We will be clearing up ready for winter and after the main grass cutting in September.

A new event is taking shape in the imaginations of the local mission group. The idea of an alternative to Halloween, for children of all ages, on 31st October in the church and in the churchyard. This will focus on light, as Jesus is, and always will be, the Light of the World. Anyone with ideas about the shape of this, expertise, (perhaps lighting expertise), please contact Diane Capps or Jill Mitchell through the Parish Office on 0114 236 3335.

Rake and Bake 16th July starting 10am in the churchyard-2.docx

Rake and Bake returns

We have kept the insects fed and helped the biodiversity in our churchyard. It is now time for a tidy and all are welcome whether or not you are a member of the church.

Friday Art Club takes off in Community Centre

Thank you to everyone who came to the Friday Art Club in our Community Centre this afternoon.

We had an enjoyable and productive time creating cards with card expert, Diane.

Do join us on Friday 12th August when we’ll be Lino printing.

For more information contact Yvonne on:

June 2022

Brochure for Parish Weekend Away 

Booking forms for Parish Weekend Away

CCD service RA version 11.docx

 Changes to the church services risk assessment

In the light of lower levels of circulating coronavirus, the church leadership team has taken the decision to make the wearing of masks in church optional. 

Should there be another significant wave we should all be prepared to go back to wearing them to protect the vulnerable.

Churchyard is looking beautiful for Pentecost and the Queen's Platinum Jubilee this Sunday.


Thank you Christ Church for all your donations for GENESIS

Lisa and co- worker send a big thank you for all your donations of summer clothes. We have had a car load a week through May. We will be working with Genesis again in November to donate their Christmas toys for the children of S2, The Manor Estate. Please buy and save children's toys over the next 6 months.

Anita and Joan

May 2022

Photo of manager of shop showing our donations of Christmas gifts for children

Lisa the Manager of Genesis Shop showing Christmas gifts donated last November

Genesis Shop 

Each May and November we collect for the not for profit shop on Cary Road, Manor Estate. This is a photo of Lisa, the manager, with some of our donations last November. Many people who live on the Manor Estate are struggling with the rising costs to feed and clothe their families. We would like you to donate new and good quality second hand clothes, for the shop to sell on, at low prices. Drop off at Joan Giles garage, if you know it, and ring the Parish Office 0114  2363335, for her address, if you don't. Collections will be delivered throughout May, and last one will be Tuesday 31st May.

Thank you for your generosity.

Election results  for Churchwardens and PCC members

Alison Saxton and Julia Stevens were elected unopposed as Churchwardens.

The following were elected as members of the Parochial Church Council

Jill Bush, Anita Campbell, Mary Cobbold, Diana Downing.

Annual Meetings in Christ Church 7.30pm Tuesday 17th May

Services Online for livestream

Annual meetings for the papers you need

a poster with text about the new craft sessions. Illustrated with paintbrushes and other materials.

Craft sessions in the Community Centre are starting

A great opportunity to make new friends and explore your creative side. 

May22[1] (2).pdf

May Newsletter

April 2022

Photo of manager of shop showing our donations of Christmas gifts for children

Lisa the Manager of Genesis Shop showing Christmas gifts donated last November

Genesis Shop 

Each May and November we collect for the not for profit shop on Cary Road, Manor Estate. This is a photo of Lisa, the manager, with some of our donations last November. Many people who live on the Manor Estate are struggling with the rising costs to feed and clothe their families. We would like you to donate new and good quality second hand clothes, for the shop to sell on, at low prices. Drop off at Joan Giles garage, if you know it, and ring the Parish Office 0114  2363335, for her address, if you don't. Collections will be delivered throughout May, and last one will be Tuesday 31st May.

Thank you for your generosity.

Church Weekend Away 2023 Poster.pdf

Church weekend away Friday May 12th-Sunday May 14th 2023

Behind the scenes there is a plan for a great weekend away taking shape. We want you to get it in your diaries now and plan for the cost. See the poster attached. There will be a way of spreading the cost over 12 monthly payments announced soon. There is no way anyone will be excluded from this as there are funds to help folks who would struggle to find this extra cash. It is a great opportunity to bring everyone together. Mark it in your diaries and look out for further announcements here.

Scan 26 Apr 2022.pdf

A date for your diaries Saturday 25th June 1pm. Everyone welcome. 

Easter Services

We hope you can join us for our Palm Sunday services on Sunday 10th April at Christ Church, Dore. This service is also a Baptism service, so you are very welcome to join with the church family in celebrating and supporting this special occasion.

10am  - Morning Worship - With Andy Patrick Leading and giving a Reflection.


5.30pm  - Evening Prayer with Communion with Andy Patrick Leading and giving a Reflection.

Morning Prayer during Holy Week:

Andy will be in church Monday - Saturday (11th-16th) 8-8.30am during Holy Week for Morning Prayer. You're very welcome to join him if you'd like to.

Easter 2022 CCD.pdf

Please join us

The theme of our services and all our meetings at present is 'widening our doors.' Our church is not a building but is a family of Christians. We would like you to join us and we want to hear what you have to say.  A good way to engage with your church is to fill in a form (electoral roll form) so we have your consent to e-mail you with news and opportunities. Come along to our annual meeting on 17th May at 7.30pm in the church building and the doors will be wide open with a warm welcome.

April 22finalb.pdf

March 2022

As announced in church Christ Church family will be working with Sanctuary Foundation to explore a community sponsorship scheme. This is a really informative video about the needs of refugees from Ukraine.

The Furnival for Christ Church Dore.pdf

Lent Appeal

Christ Church has agreed to support The Furnival Project this Lent. Please read about the project which is led by Julie Walsh in the flyer here. Use the QR code or the link to donate.

Lent Boxes 2022 - Furnival Project 

You can make direct payments to our bank account (404113 81690701), with the reference ‘Lent Boxes 2022’.  This method is the way for us to get the best value from your donation, as there are no bank charges.  You can donate via cheque to 'Dore PCC' with the reference 'Lent Boxes' on the back.  And for those who prefer to donate cash, there are Lent Boxes at the back of church.

Thinking about helping the refugees longer term

We have all felt traumatised by the news we are hearing every day from Ukraine and, along with thousands of other UK citizens, we are asking how we can help. Christ Church Dore has been alerted to a humanitarian organisation called Sanctuary Foundation which gives opportunities for individuals and groups to sponsor refugees. Individuals within the church are registering and our Priest in Charge, Rev Andy Patrick, has registered our church for group sponsorship. We are also keeping in touch with our own City of Sanctuary here in Sheffield where we have visited, talked with the leaders and provided clothing and financial contributions for refugees, quite regardless of their ethnicity or religion. Money was raised, more recently, by a Harvest collection. Please see some further details that follow:

We will post news here  of developments, and how you can help us in this effort.

Refugee crisis

Members of Christ Church are weeping for the peoples around the world who have been uprooted from their homes and support networks and find themselves on the road, whether that be in Europe, Africa, Asia or elsewhere. Members of our church have supported the All Saints Church, Totley initiative to collect items for Ukrainians arriving in Poland and other Eastern European countries. 

You may be wishing to help. We signpost you to the Disasters Emergency Committee to help you ensure your money is used wisely and attracts matched funding from HM Government. 

Here is the link for you:

We will be discussing this week how this church is widening our doors to all in need.  We will not forget the people of Afghanistan and Yemen and other areas of conflict and preparing ourselves to provide the very best welcome for those reaching Sheffield.

photo of Godly Play equipment set out with a boat and sea

Godly Play

Sunday 13th March we will explore the story of Jonah and the big fish. For 4-11 year olds to meet in Church at 10am and then go over to the Old School when people have gathered.

Spirit Café

What are you seeking in life?  Are you lonely?  Are you seeking healing, direction for your life, or freedom from fear?

Come along to our Spirit Cafe and we will help you.  We will chat with you, pray for you, seek God's heart and healing hand for you.

Come along for free tea, coffee, biscuits and friendship! A warm welcome awaits all 💖

 At Christ Church Dore Community Centre ( Parish Office entrance) , 10am-12noon Tuesday 8th March.

Further dates for your diary: 19 April, 10 May, 14 June, 12 July. Same time and place.

Christ Church is prayer walking again

Ash Wednesday Services

This year we have two services on Wednesday 1st March in Church. One at 10.30am with reflection by Revd Andy Patrick and one at 7.30pm with a reflection by Robin Condliffe. We hope to see you there. If you can't make it 10.30am will be livestreamed.

March 22c[1].pdf

February 2022

News about the Churchyard

Sadly we have lost an old tree in the high winds of storm Franklin. Sheffield City Council has responsibility for our Churchyard, as it is closed, and you may have seen them working on the tree itself. The other concern is that the roots have damaged the wall adjacent, and that will require repair.

The good news is that we are now displaying the Commonwealth War graves sign; something we have been planning for some time.

St Valentine's Day 

Local Mission Group were trying something new in Dore. In preparation for St Valentine's Day we were giving away cards and chocolates. Thank you for the lovely people who made them. They were really appreciated. Loads of smiles outside the Co-op today.  

Godly Play

Sunday 20th February   in Church 10am then The Old School. " The Ten Best Ways," a session for 4-11 year olds.

Pop up Spirit Cafe

We are holding our first monthly pop up Spirit Cafe in the Ark at Christ Church Dore Community Centre, Wednesday 9th February, 10am-12noon.

There will be free coffee, tea and biscuits, prayer ministry, prophetic ministry, friendly faces and fellowship! 

Godly Play

Godly Play is 10am first and third Sundays of the month. Meet in Church and then go over to a welcoming space in Dore Old School. The story of Exodus will come to life this Sunday 6th February. Children aged 4 to 11 years will love this. 

We draw your attention to the bottom right corner of the notices section of The Star today 27th January 2022.  The Diocesan Chancellor has asked us to go through certain steps to try and locate any living relatives of the three deceased buried in our churchyard adjacent to the path alongside church which will be disturbed during the renovations we hope to start later this year. 

Feb 22final.pdf

A very Happy New Year to all our Church Family and all who follow us on-line. We pray that this year you and yours may find a peace which comes from our Lord.

"Proverbs 16:9 

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps."


A very Happy New Year to all our Church Family and all who follow us on-line. We pray that this year you and yours may find a peace which comes from our Lord.

"Proverbs 16:9 

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps."



Thank you

Thank you to our minister Andy, and all the team who have worked wonders and so tirelessly for God's glory this Christmas time. Look under on line services on this website to see some of them, including our Dore Christmas Choir performances at the Carol Concerts of December 19th. 

A personal thank you from the editor for the Crib Service on Christmas Eve, a chance for little ones to connect their daily lives with the story of a baby Jesus Christ born in a manger.

Banner up in village.

We hope to see you and your family over this Christmas.

Christmas events and services information

Genesis Shop

Lisa from Genesis shop sends Christmas goodwill and heatfelt thanks to the people of Dore and Furniss Avenue WhatsApp group who have given selflessly this Christmas. The collection is now closed and they have loads of toys to sell. 

Godly Play Sunday 5th December

We will be welcoming the Holy Family at our Godly Play this Sunday at 10am. For children aged 4 to 11 years.


December Newsletter

Lantern Parade Nativity Photo Booth

Wednesday 1st December 6.00pm to 7pm we will be outside Almas with the gazebo. One family at a time in the booth, bring you phone or camera. We have nativity clothes or bring your own.  A lovely idea is to make your own family Christmas cards with these photos. We have some giveaways and it is an opportunity for you to pass on what Christmas is really about to your children now Advent is here.


Christmas Market 2021

Thanks go to Rosemary Kirkman and other members of Mothers' Union for the return of the Christmas Market. Undaunted by snow and high winds there was a moderate turnout and money was raised for Mothers' Union charities and also the Community Centre. We are pleased to announce almost £400 was raised for charities and £182.05 for the Community Centre. Wishing everyone a wonderful Advent and hope to see some of you at the Christ Church Pop Up Nativity Photo Booth on Wednesday 1st 6pm- Lantern Parade.

Rake and Bake Saturday 20th November at 10am

The Rake & Bake poster.docx

The Memorial Garden has been looking tired for some time. Some of the roses are past their best, and often are no longer flowering. Over the next few months we will be removing the older ones and replacing them with new.

We know there will be concerns that this may disturb the ashes of loved ones, but we can asssure you that this will be done as sensitively as possible. We want to make it a beautiful space that is respectful to the memories of your loved ones who have been interred there, and it is a pleasure to visit and remember them.

Advent Calendars from Arise Sheffield and much more

Advent is almost here and we are planning to tell the Christmas story whenever and wherever we can this year.  Calendars will go out, there will be a nativity photo booth at the Lantern Parade on 1st December, Christingle preparation day 11th December and Christingle service 12th December amongst other events. 

Poppy display on green netting

We Will Remember Them

The poppy net is up again. This has been started by some members of the church and it is there for you to add to in the lead up to our village Remembrance Service on Sunday 14th November at 10.45am at the Green. 

Last year many people, young and old,  attached poppies and messages to loved ones. This is our tribute to those who have gone before and given their lives and time for our precious freedoms.

If you want to support the Royal British Legion, as well, here is the link:

COP26 A4.pdf

Hot off the Press from Dore Methodist Church

Children's area

The children's area in Church is ready for 10am on  Sunday 7th November when we will be looking at what the story of Noah's ark means today.

Books in the children's area

Welcome to our new Priest in Charge, Andy Patrick. Licensed today Monday 1st November 2021.

Andy will be writing more in this column in the future.


Nov21JH[1] (1).pdf

November 2021 Newsletter

Pumpkin craft

Craft work from our children decorating Church

The message pumpkin is inside the church porch for this week. If you are passing church betweem 8am and 2pm this week please go in and write about the things you are thankful for

Pumpkins craft

Autumn Crafts for Children in Christ Church

Children are very welcome to our family service at 10am each Sunday in Church. This week -October 24th we have craft activities for children led by Paula and Beth.

Pumpkin with writing on

Licensing Service for Andy Patrick Monday November 1st,

7.30pm at Christ Church Dore

As you may know our new Priest in Charge, Andy Patrick is to be licensed on November 1st by Bishop Sophie. He has been seen about the village getting to know how things are here.  We welcome him; we look forward to meeting him and working with him.

The service will be livestreamed for people who are unable to attend. It has to be a ticket only service, as numbers have to be restricted due to coronavirus mitigation. On the day, the service can be followed by clicking the livestream link on our home page, which will take you to Worship/Online services. 

Godly Play for church website copy.docx
CCD Harvest appeal 2021.docx

Christ Church supports Arise Sheffield initiatives working with Churches across Sheffield. See if you can decorate one of your windoiws for the last week in October!

OCTjan21 (3).pdf

Newsletter October 2021

choir flier 2021.pdf


CCD Harvest appeal 2021.docx

Harvest Service and Appeal

October 10th 2021

September 11th sees the launch of the new Community Centre 


Newsletter September 2021

Church is open each day from September 9th

You will remember before the pandemic we used to have church open for people to look around,  to say a prayer or just take shelter. Well we are delighted to be able to do this again from 8am to 2pm daily. In addition the Church will have people on hand on Thursday afternoons when it is open later to 4pm. If you wish to light a candle or have a prayer said for you or a loved one, Thursday afternoon is for you.

Our new Parish Administrator starts September 6th

We are pleased to welcome Katie Casson to our Church as our Parish Administrator. She will be taking up her post on September 6th and will work the same hours that Sarah did previously; 9am to 3pm Mondays to Wedenesdays during school term. At other times the office phone messages are picked up by a church warden.

Katie is a member of Dronfield Baptist Church. We hope she will be able to come to a service in Christ Church later in September or early October so people can meet her.


More information for you about September 11th in Dore.

The flier for September 11th Filling Station. You will be very welcome to what will be a wonderful evening with friends.

Information about The Filling Station, 11th September 7.30pm

Christ Church Community Centre, Townhead Road.

Dates for your diaries

We have a busy autumn. On Saturday 11th September we have the launch of the newly refurbished Community Centre with activities there and at the Church building from 10am til noon. In the afternoon it is the Dore Show and in the evening at the Community Centre -the first ever in Dore -The Filling Station.

Then later in September -Saturday 25th we have a Band Night at the Community Centre.

band night poster.pdf

From our new Priest in Charge- Andy Patrick,  

It was announced in Church today (8th August 2021)that Andy and his family will be joining us at Christ Church Dore in September. 

Letter from Andy Patrick to CCD.pdf

Sunday 10am service on-line goes back in Church 

8th August

There will be some changes to the way things were before COVID lockdown, so long ago in March 2020. Whilst the legal ‘rules’ have gone away, we are applying what is emerging best practise coming from communications from the Diocese of Sheffield and the Church of England.  We are very aware that whilst some people are welcoming the removal of restrictions, others are still very wary and feeling vulnerable with the changes they see around them.  This will be a staged approach, as we move into this new world.  

We will make changes as the situation evolves, but as a start we are proposing:



There is a Risk Assessment on the Church Website here about our church services.

 We hope you will join us on 8th August in church, as we start our journey.


Alison Saxton and Julia Stevens

Church Wardens Christ Church Dore

Opening the Church for larger services

The Churchwardens' risk assessment for having larger numbers of people in Church is available on the Worship page. This will apply to the 10am Sunday service including baptisms and funerals. Since July 19th, when legal restrictions ended, we have planned with the Guidance from the Church of England, and our knowledge of the the situation in Dore and in our building. This is the risk assessment which will apply through the summer. We are adopting a staged approach, mindful of the increase in cases of coronavirus in Sheffield over past weeks and which may not peak until later in August. As soon as we have confirmed which Sunday we transfer from on line to Church we will let you know on this page. This is dependent on sufficient volunteers being available to ensure the service can run smoothly. 

There is a separate risk assessment for weddings.

Open Space Thursday

Every Thursday between noon and 4pm a number of us open up the Church for people to come in and maybe light a candle, exchange a few words, just be in God's space. This week we will have to forgo this as we have many people away and we need to get the Church ready for a wedding the following day. We are sorry about this break in our offering to you. We will be back next week 29th July at the same time.

Rake and Cake

Jill Mitchell explains the reasoning behind the Rake and Bake event. She says that we should have fun and a sense of community and be thankful to God for what we have here.

Sunday 10am services announcement from Churchwardens

On July 5th the Government forewarned us that England would have Covid restrictions lifted on July 19th. Whilst we have had services in Church, they have been small and socially distanced, along with other Covid mitigation. The move of a larger congregation from purely virtual to being in Church was always going to be a more difficult change to plan.

The Church Council and churchwardens have discussed this, and the fact that individuals and organisations are to risk assess what they do in relation to themselves and to others, and have concluded that we will be able to move back into the building after July 19th.  However the Churchwardens also have to take into account the capacity at this time of year within the service planning group, our leaders and priests we may invite to services. Taking all this into account we have not got a definite date, but will keep you informed on this website and by other communication channels. Christ Church wishes to thank everyone for their patience in this matter. We still invite you to our virtual 10 am Sunday service on Google Meet.  A warm welcome is awaiting you.


Christ Church loves Arise Sheffield and this is a service which went out across Sheffield on Sunday 4th July encouraging us all to pick ourselves up and invite God in as we come through the pandemic.

MU Strawberry Fayre update- Over £630 was raised at the Fayre on Monday 28th June, to help give holidays or day outings for deprived families in the Sheffield and Rotherham area (AFIA MU charity).  This is a very good total compared to previous years.

Thank you to all who supported.


Our Churchyard is alive with many beautiful wild flowers. We are trying to care for God's creation and keep the area tidy for visitors. We must be patient; it is a work in progress.

The notice on the Church door invites comments from church members and the public about where the mown paths should be. We have a RAKE AND CAKE event Saturday 10th July to do some more tidying in repsonse to comments coming in. You are invited 12noon to 3pm for a fun community event. BRING a RAKE or SECATEURS. Refreshments provided. Children's activities in addition. 

We understand there is a Nature emergency and if you feel you want to help nature in a tangible way come along. ALL WELCOME.


Dore Festival Planning

Some people may have seen an announcement of a service in Christ Church on July 11th as part of the Dore Festival publicity. This went to press before the situation became more uncertain again, and the PCC has decided that events inside the Church building without social distancing are not wise at present. This Festival service will not therefore take place this year. Other socially distanced events and services can continue to happen in our Church building. We wish the festival planners evry success in the events which can go forward and Christ Church members will be supporting them.

Sunday 13th June 10.00am Godly Play

A chance for all the family to see and hear the Bible story of Noah's Ark and wonder about its meaning in our lives today.


10am Sunday morning service

The PCC or Church council has discussed the move of this service from virtual to the church building. The churchwardens have the responsibility for this and at the present time the leadership is unsure of the position on the move provisionally planned for 27th June.  With all the uncertainty at present the best plan may be to leave this until September. It may become clearer when the government clarifies its position for 21st June removal of lockdown restrictions. The church council endorsed the previous approach of not moving back into church until all members felt safe to mix without social distancing in the building. Further updates will be posted on this page. 

We invite everyone to join us virtually each Sunday at 10am.

Wednesday virtual service

For devotees of the Wednesday morning (9.30am) virtual service led by Martin and Yvonne there is a break now for 3 weeks until it starts again on June 23rd. When the Sunday 10 am service goes back in church possibly at a later date it is important we keep an on line service offer for you. Therefore you must keep in touch as the Wednesday virtual servce is likely to move to an evening to catch a larger group of people. We will keep you informed. 😘 

CCD Parish Administrator advert final.pdf

Christ Church Dore is advertising for a Parish Administrator

CCD_Role Description_Parish Administrator v1.pdf

A reflection on love from our Lay Evangelist, Jill.

Godly Play from Sunday 9th May

From Sunday 10am virtual on 9th May

Newsletter May 2021


News about Sunday 10am service

The Church Council has agreed that we will be going back into the Church building for our first face to face service on 27th June 2021. The details of this depend on further guidance from both the Government and the Diocese of Sheffield and the constraints of our building. Please keep logging on to this website for further news.

We recognise some people will still need a virtual service and we are working towards live streaming 10am services. However you may be interested in our Wednesday morning virtual on line service on Google Meet. A friendly welcome awaits you.

This is continuing and starts at 9.30am each Wednesday 

Christian Aid Week May 10-16th 2021

Christian Aid depends on your contributions, more now than ever, with governments pulling back on aid and the devastating effects of covid around the developing world. Christ Church members donate each year and it is just one click here to donate.

Parish Profile for Christ Church Dore 

In order to recruit a new Priest in Charge at Christ Church we have written a profile which is essentially a snapshot of life in our church in April 2021, as we are starting to come out of lockdown. It tells a story of life in our church and in Dore and shows our strengths and weaknesses. We hope you enjoy reading it.

Christ Church Dore Parish Profile_Agreed .pdf

Sheffield City Council grants planning permission for our Church development project

The Building Development Group are so happy to announce this planning permission has been granted. This is in no small part due to the contributions and comments of members of our church on the planning portal. There was much local support and the church leadership is very grateful for this. 

Christ Church is on a journey and will need the redeveloped church building along with the Christ Church Dore Community Centre to provide what is needed for our community, as we live together in the post pandemic world.


News about Emma Ineson

Many of you will remember Emma who was part of our Church when she and Matt were curates here.

Unconscious bias training

Unconscious Bias Training - As part of our continuing engagement with Black Lives Matters initiatives, we would like to invite everyone to take part in this training module from the Diocese of Sheffield, on Saturday 22nd May 2021 09.30-12.30.  

Gal3:28 There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus.

There is no charge, booking tickets is so that you can be sent the link to take part.
We particularly recommend it for anyone who is likely to service on PCC or in a leadership role this year.

Genesis Project

Last Christmas Christ Church members and also Dore and Totley community collected toys for the shop on the Manor Estate. In previous years, we have had a regular donations slot in May, and now that they have reopened following the last lockdown we want to help them again.  They are in need of clean summer clothes, clean bed linen, towels and new Children’s toys, books (particularly pre-school) to cheer up the window display. They have not got any room for any big items e.g furniture.

If you have anything to donate, please call Sarah in the office, and she will advise where you can drop things off.

Thanks for your support at Christmas, and hopefully we can do well for them this spring.

Martin speaks about what happens after Easter...

Details of virtual services are here.

Church Wardens re-elected

Christ Church has re-elected Alison Saxton and Julia Stevens as our Church Wardens for the next year. The church is thankful for the leadership they have shown during the recent months of pandemic and look forward to building on this with them. 

Welcome to our new PCC members 

At our annual meeting we elected six new members of our Parochial Church Council or PCC. It is a good sign that so many people in our church are stepping forward to help develop our vision and our offering to the community of Dore and beyond.

We welcome:

Christ Church Dore Community Centre

As many will already be aware Christ Church Dore recently announced significant new developments regarding the future use and management of Dore Church Hall on Townhead Road. 

The building will be renamed 'CHRIST CHURCH DORE COMMUNITY CENTRE' as a reflection of the commitment that it will be used for the benefit of the church and wider local community. 

The intention is to develop the building and the facilities within it into one that will serve the varied needs of the local community and ensure that they remain accessible and affordable to all. 

The church cannot, and does not wish to, take forward this refurbishment project and ongoing management of the centre on its own. We welcome any offers of support from the local community, both from those able to volunteer their relevant skills and experience (including administration ,project management ,marketing, and fund raising ) but also further financial donations to enable the development of a Community Centre which we can all be proud of . If you are able to offer support in any way, then please contact the CCD Parish Office (

The community website is at:

Newsletter April 2021 

Newsletter - April 2021.pdf

Progress towards appointing a Priest in Charge

Christ Church PCC has chosen 2 Parish representatives to work with the Diocese of Sheffield and Rotherham to appoint a Priest in Charge. They are Alison and Julia, our churchwardens. They will be put forward along with our Parish Profile to the Archdeacon on 27th April. We have received excellent feedback on our part of the Parish Profile and we hope to be able to share this with you after 27th April.

Yes a massive thank you to all those members of Christ Church who pounded the streets of Dore and beyond prayer walking. Also to those of you who are at home but virtually prayer walked. You are not alone. Christians are joining together across the city with a powerful message and it does not stop here!

Martin talks about Maunday Thursday service 7.30pm on our Facebook Page. Take a look now.

 All welcome on Thursday by joining link

which is our virtual service Google Meet.

Chicks and eggs safely delivered to Fairthorn, The Elms and others in our church community.

Thanks to Paula, Alyson, Joan, Rosemary, Yvone and her mother and Sarah in the Office. All were well received and brought smiles to people's faces along with good conversations. Fairthorn are having a special tea party on Thursday afternoon and the chicksand eggs will be given out then.

NB 11th July was cancelled and Godly Play restarts in September 

Crosses are appearing in gardens in Dore. Have you seen any on your walks? They are to remember Jesus who died for us.

March 28th is Palm Sunday and Christ Church members are used to having their Palm crosses ready for the service. Yvonne and Martin B are leaving them for you to pick up outside Church 10am to 11am on Saturday morning. 

Arise Sheffield 2021 Blessing

Re-opening of the church building

We are so pleased to announce the re-opening of the Church building each Thursday 12pm to 4pm from April 15th for Open Church (individual quiet time and prayer in Church in a socially distanced way) and evening services at 5.30pm each Sunday from April 18th. Booking services only through the office on 0114 236 3335.

A new oversight minister and priest at Christ Church

It was announced in our church service yesterday the great news that we are embarking on the recruitment process for priest in charge. It is an exciting time for Dore and prayers and support are needed from everyone. The Diocese of Sheffield is supporting us through this process. Watch this page for any news.

Sunday 14th March, the net on Church and what it signifies

The net will be up next weekend for people to give thanks to God for people who have been significant in our lives. A simple flower or message or drawing can be added to the net on 13th and 14th March. Old and young who can get out are invited to do this to make a lovely display of our love.

A Word from God for S17

Jill, our Lay Evangelist has been attending an S17 prayer meeting along with others from our church. Since Christmas we have been on a journey; we have been linked to Arise Sheffield 2021 and we are prayer walking the whole of Sheffield. Now we are linking with the churches in S17. Let Jill explain to you about the word from God.....

Annual Church Meetings

The electoral roll of Christ Church Dore is being revised in preparation for the Annual Church Meetings on 13th April. This means if you wish to add your name then your form needs to be in the Parish Office by 23rd March when the electoral roll officer will prepare a new roll.

As the meeting on 13th April will be held virtually again this year, you will need to register that you will be attending. Please ring the Parish Secretary on 0114 236 3335 or e-mail and you will be given the Zoom link or telephone number and PIN to join the meeting.

Newsletter - March 2021


Godly Play from 28th February

The Mystery of Easter

Arise Sheffield - Get walking 

The time has come as we prayer walk our streets towards Easter.

Remember if you cannot get out walking, Sarah in the parish Office can help you choose a road to pray for, and she will mark it off for you on the App which is accessed through the Arise Sheffield 2021 website.

Watch on the App as all the streets in Sheffield turn gold.

Christ Church Dore - Community Centre

CCD Community Centre will be opening. Please see this attached communique which you will also find on notice boards around the village.

Christ Church Dore Community Centre -communique February 2021.docx