Mission Action Plan

Mission Action Planning

Here is MAP 2022 and many people in the church have already taken ownership of this. Great things were achieved for the Lord in Dore in 2021 when we look at our plans (see in the archive here). If you think you would like to contribute to one of these plans have a word with our minister Andy Patrick or one of the churchwardens.

MAP 2022-2.pdf

Local Mission Team

We are blessed to have some very talented and passionate Christians in our church family. People are always coming forward with great ideas for reaching out to our community. Local mission has a budget, as it is so important. We wish to spend this money wisely, and to best effect, so that people in our village can get to know Jesus.

You will find a form here to use to apply for funding from our budget. Please fill this in and send to the Parish Office. It may be that we can fund the activity, or we can give you advice on how best to progress your idea.

Request for Funding of Mission Activities at CCDCC or other venues AS comments.docx