Children and Young People

At Christ Church we aim to:

    • encourage children and young people to grow into a personal relationship with Jesus

    • enable them to grow in confidence and faith, so that they can share Jesus with their friends

    • equip and empower them to live a life modelled on Jesus, and contribute their gifts to the life of the church

word map for young people's activities


The 10.00 am Service on Sundays at Church is is relaxed and no one minds a bit of noise from youngsters! During this service we sing songs and hymns, have readings from the Bible, a short sermon and, once a month, celebrate Holy Communion.

Within the main worship there is an area for colouring, a table for theme-based craft, floor space with a rug, cushions and toys for wrigglers and crawlers, beanbags and books as a chill-out area. Children are encouraged to play within this area during the service. Godly Play for aged 4-11 moves either to the Old School or the area in front of the altar as the service starts. We look forward to meeting you. Please also see the information about Godly Play below.

Children's area inside the church

Godly Play on Sundays

Godly Play for church website.docx


If you are in secondary school you will find your group is Pathfinders.

Pathfinders 2022 flyer with photos.pdf